Lymphatic Detox (60 mins $199) 

To move waste fluids away from the damaged area, lymphatic massage, which uses a gentle pressure, can help. It’s one technique used to reduce lymphedema. When performing a lymphatic massage, it’s important that the massage include more than just the affected area. The entire lymphatic system of the body is a must to ensure that all areas drain properly.


HD Lymphatic + Body Sculpting + Body Exfoliant + Infrared Sauna (120 mins $499)

As if our full body High Definition Lymphatic Detoxing isn’t enough, we can add full Body Sculpting to your service. This consist of Silicone Cupping, Jade Stone, Wood Therapy, and may include High Frequency current, EMS Machine, 20 mins Infrared Sauna, and topped off with a full Body Scrub & Cold Plunge for ultimate results. This will allow for fat cells to be eliminated naturally along with other toxins while speeding up the metabolic system.


Amethyst Exfoliating Treatment (60 mins $185)

Rejuvenate your body and spirit with some exfoliation and smoothing. Perfect treatment for a skin pick me up targeting areas that can reflect stress visibly. This package includes a décolleté treatment, de-stress eye treatment, and our Lavender & Amethyst body scrub.


Amethyst Exfoliating Treatment & Crystal Bath (90 mins $290)

Incorporates Exquisite Lavender & Amethyst body scrub to detoxify and soften the skin, improve circulation, and ease aches and pains. The menu also includes cosmic experiences such as a Rose Quartz salt bath to help heal your heart and channel the energy of love to yourself and open you to receive love from others. Experience a sense of love and healing as the energy of raw Rose Quartz infuses your water. Rose Quartz works to ease the guilt, balance emotions, reduce stress, and bring optimistic self-affirmations. It allows one to release negativity and open their heart to the world. It helps one see the value in themselves and their own worthiness of self-love, and in return, allows love from others to gravitate to them. It promotes higher self-esteem and increases self-care rituals.


Grounding Quartz Massage & Reiki (70 mins $250)
This includes applying warm quartz on the body to ground and connect the client to the mineral’s energetic healing qualities, while providing warmth and soothing the body.



Chakra & Sound Massage + Acoutic Resonance Therapy (A.R.T.) Infrared Sauna (90 mins $300)

Full-body aromatic massage that utilizes seven essential oil blends attuned to the vibrational energies of each of the seven chakras, as well as the sound of “ohm” to help release tension, alleviate muscle aches and pains, and increase energy levels. (60 mins massage & 30 mins Acoutic Resonance Therapy (A.R.T.) in Infrared Sauna)


If you are not sure which service your body needs, call us or use our contact form. We will be able to help you decide which body treatment or wellness service is perfect for your needs!