Stretch Marks: What to Do With Them Today

Stretch marks are by no means something you need to get rid of. However, for some, you'd rather get rid of them sooner rather than later. Here are some tips for the treatment of stretch marks that has fast-acting solutions.


What Causes Stretch Marks?


Stretch marks can occur for a variety of reasons. While you may immediately think it's just a fluctuation of weight, there's a lot more to these marks. Collagen is something your body produces on a constant basis. When there isn't enough produced, you'll see these marks sprout up more often.


Sudden Weight Change


One major struggle that athletes have when pursuing new fitness regiments is gaining and losing weigh too quickly. Your body isn't ready to react and adjust fast enough, which can result in more stretch marks popping up. Of course, you don't want to stop gaining muscle or losing weight. Applying the workout regimen is hard enough. Luckily, there are safe alternatives.

Do Different Colored Stretch Marks Mean Different Things?

Generally, no. They'll all have pretty similar effects on the body, which is little to nothing more than cosmetic. However, if there are rashes or what look to be stretch marks that turn out to be other issues, seek out medical attention immediately.


Are They Genetic?


Believe it or not, stretch marks can be passed genetically. Of course, you won't just immediately have stretch marks, but you'll be more susceptible to having them eventually.


Your best chances of avoiding them from genetics are staying consistent with your weight gain and loss. As long as you don't make extreme changes in either direction, and collagen stays consistent in your body, you'll see lower risk of having stretch marks develop.



Adolescence is a major period of growth for children. They have a much higher chance of developing stretch marks through adolescence, especially in females. Since many go through growth spurts, there is a great deal of excess skin that gets stretched and moved around.


Overall, it's nothing to worry about. None of the symptoms surrounding stretch marks should be painful. In the case that they are causing significant pain, or the areas infected, again, seek out medical attention. Otherwise, the cosmetic effects are all that really impact your daily life. If you are looking to reduce these marks on your body, there are a few common solutions to try.


Reduce Your Stretch Marks Today!


To reduce these quickly, there are several collagen stimulating solutions. You can apply a variety of creams and oils, which when applied consistently, can create strong results. However, these take time and can be inconsistent with results. They are moreover focused on preventing stretch marks rather than remedying them. The more certain route is to trust professionals with proven remedies.

For quicker relief, give us at Exquisite Aesthetics a call today to assess your exact cosmetic needs and help you with stretch mark-reducing solutions. We'll customize directly around your needs and give you the quickest results available today. We're looking forward to hearing from you today!

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