The energetic vibration that radiates from our being consists of seven auric layers and chakra/ energy centers. These centers correlate to the organs and emotions of our body and soul. Reiki is an effective vibrational medicine that heals and prevents energetic imbalances, as it helps to process and release intense emotions, trauma, and unregulated energy. This is to restore the being and soul back to its natural harmonious state. Every individual's body has the ability to heal, but our chakras or energy centers can become blocked due to stagnant energy being stored in our bodies from anxiety, shame, trauma, grief, self-doubt, fear and that alike. Left untreated, this can oftentimes lead to imbalances and dis-ease. Reiki is a divine healing medium that can benefit people in the following ways and more:

  • Creates deep relaxation allowing the body to release chronic stress and any tension
  • Dissolves energy blockages and accelerates the body's natural healing capability
  • Promotes natural harmony between mind, body & spirit
  • Clears the mind as you feel centered and grounded
  • Provides deeper and better sleep
  • Increases energy, promotes focus and creativity, improves self-esteem and overall quality of life
  • Helps to manage and ease grief, trauma, heartbreak & depression with emotional clearing
  • Can ease exhaustion, nausea and relieve uncomfortable symptoms during pregnancy, maternity, and postpartum
  • Assist in relieving physical pain and ailments like the common cold, etc
  • Reduces anxiety before an operation and speeds up healing post-op
  • Supports recovery from chemotherapy treatment
  • Serves as a safe and non-intrusive healing approach that complements and is easily integrated with medical treatment and conventional therapies

Participants lie down in a relaxed position, close their eyes, and allow themselves to receive the Reiki energy that will flow to their energetic body. The practitioner will channel the life-force energy of reiki using their hands hovering above the body, crystals, symbols, frequencies, and specific healing techniques. Contact us today to learn more about how this intuitive healing service can help you.

*Reiki practitioners do not diagnose conditions, perform medical treatments, prescribe substances and medications, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical care professional. Reiki healing is an effective treatment in addition to, not a substitute for, medical attention and medications provided by a licensed physician or licensed professional health care for any ailment. It is recommended that clients receiving Reiki treatments also see a licensed physician for any ailments.


Private: $180.00 (1/hr) / Semi Private Group $60 (1/hr) /Monthly Community Group Sessions: $50 (1/hr)

Sound bowl healing is a form of meditation using harmonious vibrations and crystals. These frequencies facilitate the calming of the mind and body while promoting an overall sense of well-being. These divine and sacred frequencies also improve sleep quality, help manage grief and depression, assist in the body’s natural healing ability, reduce pain, align energy centers and much more. Participants lie down in a relaxed position, close their eyes, and stay present while the high vibrational sounds ease the mind into a relaxed brainwave state and allow the body to restore it’s natural balance. *feel free to bring a yoga/meditation mat, blanket, and pillow for comfort. Contact us today to learn more about how this intuitive healing service can help you.


$299 (45 mins)

Are you feeling stressed, anxious, low in energy, unable to focus, chronic pain- aches, and blocked in some areas of your life?

Our bodies are rhythmic and harmonic. Contracting a disease can indicate that we have gone out of tune or the body's vibrational rate has lost its rhythm. Biofield tuning can bring “sync” us back to our body’s natural rhythmic pattern, help assist the immune system, and help stimulate the body to heal itself. Because our bodies are made up of water, and water conducts sound, the body is an excellent resonator for sound. These vibratory sounds travel through the body and help remove energetic blockages, thereby relieving stagnation and pain and increasing the flow of Chi.

“Biofield tuning enables the body to find balance and homeostasis.”

Homeostasis is fundamental to healing the physical, mental, and emotional bodies as it activates the healing deep into a cellular level. Biofield tuning is rich in resonance and vibration, connecting and supporting the body’s natural frequencies.

The sound waves the forks produce vibrate and travel deep within the body along our energy pathways (chakras & meridians), affecting human physiology and accessing our sense of space, memory, and healing. It stimulates and balances the body’s physical energy field to promote healing, and inner harmony, helping you to integrate body, mind, and soul.

Sessions we offer:

· Tuning the Biofield (Chakras & Aura clearing, activation, reprogramming, harmonizing, expansion, and integration).

· Endocrine System reset (such as Adrenals, Thyroid, Pineal glands, and others).

· Brain waves balance.

· Meridian flush.

· Harmonize Relationships.

· Release stress, anxiety, and other pains affecting your body.

· Home and Business clearings.



$299 (45 mins)

The highest form of Spiritual Counseling and Coaching

The Akashic Records are the epitome of wisdom and insight – revealing your individual essence, expression, and potential. The Akashic Records have our soul's blueprints. It is an impression of our identity and our Soul's ultimate potential. These records offer guidance to clarify areas of our life, such as health, finances, career changes, relationships, and even inquiries about real estate, businesses, and pets. “The Akashic Records” they are present in the Highest Dimension of universal knowledge and wisdom.

Why Accessing Your Akashic Records?

They will help you heal and grow by providing you with the necessary understanding and guidance that will help progress your life. “This is the highest form of Spiritual Counseling,” offering guidance and insight with wisdom rooted in unconditional love for support, healing, empowerment, and transformation at the level of your Soul. “Always Serving the Highest Good of Everyone that it’s Connected to.”

The very act of opening the Records will shift you to a higher energetic vibration. Why? Because we're accessing Universal Wisdom in a conscious and powerful way. When we access the Akashic Records, we are asking for help, going beyond our comfort zone, and signaling to the universe, “I’m ready to heal; please help me.” An Akashic reading goes beyond being just a reading – it is a form of “Spiritual Healing.”

With an Akashic Record healing session, it is a great way of identifying and canceling vows and contracts from your previous life. These vows engrave themselves on your DNA, your cellular structure, and your personal history (instinct). They recur throughout lifetimes unless you consciously and intentionally cancel them. The number of vows you could have made in your previous lifetimes could be numerous. These vows could include blocking creativity, shutting down your intuition, to cause self-punishment (through dissatisfaction jobs or toxic relationships). It also consists of helping everyone else before yourself (self-love), time limitation, self-esteem, financial limitations, eating disorders, drug abuse, and so on. All these vows are archived in your personal Records. Accessing this information allows you to gain consciousness of the contracts you’ve made. We can revoke them by using a specific protocol. From then onward, we can create new vows that will liberate you from the burdens of the old ones. The new contracts are much more freeing and expansive since they are made consciously and intentionally.